20 Signs That a Woman Likes You


Last Updated: January 31, 2024

Chances are, if you’re looking up the signs that a woman likes you, it’s because you’re not sure about a certain someone in your life! How can you know whether she’s being friendly or flirty? What are the signs she’ll use that she’s ready for you to make the next move? And, how can you know when to cut your losses and move on to someone else?

In this article, we’ll give you 20 signs that a woman will show you that she’s interested. And, a few more that may signal that it’s not a good fit. Whether you’ve got an upcoming date, are building up the courage to ask someone out, or are wondering whether someone you’ve been seeing for a while is really into you, you’re in the right place!

1: She connects with you online

One of the easiest ways to show interest these days is online. The stakes are low. She doesn’t have to put her heart on her sleeve. But still, she can interact with you and your content to show she’s interested.

She may, for instance, use one of your stories on Instagram as an excuse to ask you about that restaurant that you went to or commiserate with you about the weather. Or, she may send you videos that she thinks are funny or cute on Tiktok. If you met over a dating app, she may ask to follow you on other social media platforms to learn more about you and connect with you beyond the app.

2: She makes eye contact with you


Many women are selective with their eye contact. They know that a strong gaze makes a huge impact, which is why she’s not likely to lock eyes with you unless she’s serious. That being said, if you’re in an important work meeting or you’re telling her something serious, of course, she’s going to maintain eye contact.

But, if you’re spending time together casually or are even on your first date, she’ll connect with you in this way to deepen intimacy.

3: Her body language shows it

There are many different ways that a woman can use body language, either consciously or unconsciously, to connect with you. Here are the main ones:

  • Physical proximity. She might lean in close to better hear your conversation, or maybe she'll stand close to you in line for the movies.
  • Open stance. An open stance, with arms uncrossed and shoulders turned towards you, invites physical closeness and ease. Of course, a woman who feels nervous around you because she wants to make a good impression may look a bit tense at first. But, as she relaxes, her posture will become more open and welcoming.
  • Mirroring. If a woman is mirroring you, she might put a hand to her face when you do. Or, she might shift her position to match yours. This is done largely unconsciously. It’s our body’s way of saying, “we’re on the same page.”

4: She asks about your personal life

A lot of times, a woman will ask about your personal life because she’s being friendly. But if she asks you questions beyond the basics, it’s likely that she’s interested in you. Here are a few of the things she may want to know if she’s trying to connect with you:

  • Whether you’re single
  • What you like to do for fun
  • Your family and where you grew up
  • Whether you want a family of your own
  • Your favorite foods, how you take your coffee, your go-to drink order
  • Your ideological stances on politics and religion
  • Your past travels and future travel goals

As you can see, these are topics that aren’t likely to come up between coworkers or acquaintances. If it seems like she wants to get to know you on a deeper level, she probably likes you!

5: She invites you to spend time with her

Maybe this means inviting you to a dinner party she’s having at her house. Or, maybe she’s the first one to suggest that you meet in person after chatting on a dating app. No matter what the context, if she’s actively seeking out opportunities to spend time together, that’s a good sign.

6: Her friends are a dead giveaway

One of the most obvious signs that a girl likes you is how her friends treat you. That’s because women typically will talk to their friends about potential partners. And, her girlfriends in particular are likely to be dead giveaways when you meet them. Even if they try playing it cool, it will be hard to miss the signs that all eyes are on you.

7: She responds warmly to your jokes

Studies show that women are more romantically interested in men who can make them laugh. That means that you can try out your new material on her as a way to gauge her interest!

While we’re on the subject of funny business, this is a good time to remind you that you’ll have an easier time reading her interest when you make her comfortable, first. Cracking a few jokes and not taking yourself too seriously will be much more helpful than playing standoffish and uninterested.

8: She smiles or blushes when you compliment her

We humans are pretty good at distinguishing between genuine and fake smiles. So, when you give her a compliment, pay attention to her reaction. Does she give you a real smile? You’ll probably know in your gut if it is. But if you’re not so sure, look for these signs:

  • Whether the muscles around her eyes move. A fake smile is a conscious act, which is why your brain only activates the muscles around your mouth. A real smile activates muscles in the cheeks, eyes, and eyebrows.
  • Blushing. Blushing along with a genuine smile is a very good sign! It means she feels flattered by your compliment. Keep in mind that blushing can also be a sign of deep discomfort. If it’s paired with a fake smile, she hasn’t received your compliment well.

9: She pays attention to how she looks when she knows she’s going to see you

If you’re starting to get closer to a woman you’ve known for a while, you may notice that something changes about the way she presents herself. She may start to wear makeup more often or get her hair and nails done. She may also pay more attention to her clothes and personal style. If you have plans to see each other, she’ll definitely want time to get ready, so don’t show up unannounced.

10: She takes selfies of the two of you

Maybe you’re on your first date or have been seeing each other for a while and she wants to get a selfie. Take this as a signal that she wants to remember this moment with you! She may even want to share the picture later with her friends or post it on social media.

11: Conversations never die on her watch

A woman who is interested in talking to you will continue to talk to you. Even if the conversation fizzles, she may send you a random “would you rather” question or a funny meme. She may also ask you what you’re up to or how your day has been.

If you’re interested in her but aren’t able to keep up the conversation because of work or something else in your life, let her know. As much as she will be willing to keep the conversation alive if she thinks you’re also interested, radio silence will eventually tell her to stop trying. So, if you want the attention, be clear that you’re currently unavailable but still interested.

12: She initiates physical contact

When she starts feeling more comfortable and bold around you, a woman who likes you will become more touchy-feely. She may give you a playful punch on the arm or put a hand on your arm while you’re talking. Or, she might straighten your tie or fix your hair.

13: She shares personal details about herself

When a woman wants to start connecting with you on a deeper level, she will share details about herself that go beyond the basics. This might mean telling you about the ups and downs of her day, her sources of stress, or things that she’s secretly excited about.

Over time, she may also share information about her personal life, past relationships, family, goals for the future, and whether she wants kids. These are signs that she sees you as a safe person to open up to.

14: She gives you compliments or praise

A woman who is interested in you will be supportive and involved in your accomplishments. She’ll remember to ask you about that big work presentation. And if you send her a selfie beforehand, it’s likely that she’ll compliment you on your outfit.

When the two of you are in a group, she will probably take any opportunity to talk you up. This may feel strange to you, especially if you’re unused to being cheered on in this way. But if you like her, enjoy it!

15: She goes above and beyond for you

When a woman likes you, she’s going to be more willing to come to your aid if you need her. If you ask her to help you pick out an outfit, for instance, she may offer to take you shopping for a whole new one. Or, if you’ve got a big pitch coming up at work, she’ll be glad to help you practice, no matter how long it takes.

Be mindful, of course, that her generosity has its limits. Women show up for the people who they like and who appreciate them. She won’t be around forever if you don’t also show interest.

16: She doesn’t play into dating games

When a woman is sure about her feelings for you, she may throw all the dating games out the window. She won’t wait to text or call you back. She won’t play hard-to-get. And she won’t hide her feelings.

If it seems that she’s going against even her set of dating rules, like not seeing each other more than once a week or limiting PDA, it shows that she’s got strong feelings for you.

17: She talks about the important people in her life

Even if you’re not at a point in which you would introduce each other to the family and friend group, a woman who likes you will talk about the important people in her circle. This is a way to build closeness by showing you what her world is like. She may also be preparing you to meet these important people someday, so take mental notes of names and relationships.

18: She gives you gifts

Whether it’s as small as your favorite coffee in the morning or as thoughtful as a limited DVD edition of your favorite movie signed by the director, some women show their affection with gifts.

Over time, she’s learned about your tastes and preferences, so she probably knows exactly what you like! Don’t be surprised if she buys something that makes her think of you. And, unless she really likes gift-giving, it’s unlikely that she’s giving such thoughtful gifts to anyone else.

19: She worries about you

It’s normal that a woman would show concern for the person that she’s interested in. So, take note of her reaction when there’s something potentially stressful or difficult in your life. This could look like her making sure that you’ve eaten during a particularly busy and stressful day at work. Or, maybe she worries about you driving late at night. At times, this kind of behavior can even feel a bit infantilizing! But keep in mind that it comes from a good place. She’s trying to show you that she cares about you.

20: Finally, she tells you!

The best indication that a woman can give that she likes you is to tell you! By this point, she’s probably given you plenty of signals and she finally feels comfortable to tell you how she really feels.

Signs that a girl likes you, but not romantically


Sometimes it’s possible to mistake friendly interest with romantic feelings. And that can leave you feeling frustrated and confused about where you stand with a woman. Here are a few ways that she’ll tell you she’s only interested in friendship:

She only wants to hang out in a group

A woman who isn’t interested in dating you will probably prefer to spend time with you only in group settings. If she does invite you to do something one-on-one, it will be neutral, like taking your dogs to the park or getting coffee together.

She puts space between the two of you

Instead of seeking out physical proximity with you, a woman who is interested in friendship will make space between you. She may direct her body away from you, lean back when you’re talking, or stand slightly farther away than she would if she was romantically interested.

She doesn’t talk to you more than is necessary

Women are pretty sensitive to being put in a position of being called out for “leading someone on.” So, if she’s not interested in you, she’ll likely keep the conversation pretty limited. If she does talk to you in a friendly way, she probably won’t actively flirt with you. And if you start engaging in more flirtatious conversation, she may stop responding or will try to change the subject.

She talks to you about the dates she’s been on or will go on

A huge sign that a girl will give when she’s not romantically interested in you is to talk to you about the fact that she’s seeing other people. This isn’t to hurt your feelings. She may genuinely see you as a friend that she can talk to about her love life.

How to know if a woman likes you, but can’t show her feelings openly


It should come as no surprise that there’s no one-size-fits-all when trying to figure out if a woman is interested in you. The fact is, everyone is different, and the woman in your life may not show the common signs that she likes you. Here are a few reasons why she might be withholding her feelings:

She doesn’t want to ruin the friendship

If you’ve known a woman for a while and become a staple in her life, she’s probably not going to want to risk losing that.

Even if she is interested in pursuing something with you, she may be worried that showing her feelings could make things awkward if you don’t feel the same about her.

She thinks you’re not interested

Whether you’re really not interested or simply playing hard-to-get, your actions will affect how comfortable she is being open with you. If you’re also interested in her, you can set the mood by showing her signals that you like her or talking to her about how you feel.

She is worried about her job

If the two of you work together, she may have a valid reason to hide her feelings from you. To be sure, some of the signs, such as unconsciously standing close to you or blushing around you, will be impossible to avoid. But others, like asking you personal questions or inviting you to spend time together may be out of bounds if she’s worried about workplace rules.

She’s shy

A woman who is shy will be less obvious with her signals. She will likely avoid eye contact, physical touch, and lengthy conversations. At least, until she’s feeling more comfortable with you. So, if you’re dealing with a shy girl that you think may like you, have some patience. Make her feel at ease and she’ll start to become more bold with her signs.

She’s been hurt before

This is very common! A woman who has had a bad experience with a relationship or a crush may not be ready or willing to open up again. She may make a conscious effort to hide or suppress her feelings, which will make it difficult to read her.

If this is the case, it’s best to talk to her about it. She may admit that she’s not ready to pursue something romantically because she’s still in the healing process.

What should you do to know for sure whether a woman likes you

In this article, we’ve talked about signs that a woman likes you, signs that she just wants to be friends, and the important context that you should keep in mind when interacting with her. Now, what are your next steps? Here are some final words of advice when trying to figure out if a woman is interested in you:

Ask her

When you’re not sure if a woman likes you, the idea of asking her can feel scary! But, it’s the best, most direct way to find out how she feels about you.

Believe her

Unfortunately, if a woman isn’t interested in you, it’s very unlikely that you’re going to be able to change her mind. So, if she says she doesn’t like you, believe her.

If on the other hand, she says that she does like you but she’s not showing the signals, it’s also okay to believe her! She may be shy or uncomfortable with outward shows of affection. But, as long as she treats you well and actively participates in your dates, you can believe that she likes you.

Know when it’s time to move on

As we said, a woman who isn’t interested in you is probably not going to have a change of heart. Instead of wasting your time, and potentially making her feel uncomfortable, give her space. That will make it easy for you to move on and make room in your life for someone who appreciates you!

You’re ready to take the next step!

At this point, all that’s left to do is put yourself out there! Will you ask her how she feels? Share your feelings with her? Sign up for a dating app? Now that you know the common signs that a woman likes you, you’re well on your way to finding the woman of your dreams!

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