8 Common myths about Sugar Dating


Last Updated: March 12, 2024

Sugar Dating 101

It seems like sugar dating myths are everywhere these days! And it’s no surprise. People love to talk about the interesting idea of a relationship, regardless of whether they’ve actually been in one. But, for someone thinking about becoming a sugar baby or daddy, these kinds of rumors and misunderstandings can lead to hesitation. How can you know what’s true and what’s a myth? In this article, we’ll cover 8 common myths about sugaring so that you have only the facts when you’re ready to start dating.

Myth #1: Sugar dating is all about money

The first thing that people think of when they hear sugar daddy dating is dollar signs. Most people assume, in other words, that sugar babies are just in it for the money.

We can understand why this myth is so widespread. To be sure, there are relationships in which a sugar daddy will use his wealth to give a partner gifts and plan romantic getaways.

But, a sugar partnership based solely on money isn’t as common as you might expect. Indeed, there has to be chemistry and trust for any relationship to work, and sugar arrangements are no different. In fact, in many cases, both partners genuinely enjoy each other’s company. And the gifts and lavish dates are simply a way to express that.

Myth #2: Sugar daddies are always men and sugar babies are always women


Back when the term “sugar daddy” was first coined, it was more common for the dynamic to be between an older man and a younger woman. But times have changed!

Nowadays, a sugar relationship consists of any two people who are attracted to this style of dating. There are no set requirements for age or gender. It’s whatever works for both parties involved. So, if you’re interested in finding a sugar partner, but want something other than the stereotypical set-up you’ve heard about, don’t worry. You can create the perfect relationship for yourself.

Myth #3: All sugar daddies are millionaires

Just as there can be a variety of ages and sexual orientations in the world of sugar dating, there can also be a wide range of incomes and lifestyles.

Sure, there are some sugar daddies who are ultra-wealthy. But there are also sugar daddies who are able to keep their partners satisfied without being part of the top echelon of society.

Here are a few things that a sugar daddy can offer a partner without necessarily being a millionaire:

  • Lavish dates, experiences, and gifts.
  • Shopping sprees
  • Salon and spa visits
  • Access to career growth
  • Life and money advice

As you can see, it’s not all about a sugar daddy’s income! They can keep a sugar baby happy and satisfied without living an ultra-luxury lifestyle. It’s all about how they care for and show up for their partner with what they have.

Myth #4: A relationship isn’t a real relationship

Because this style of dating isn’t about finding a life partner and building a family, society tends to write it off. Many people don’t take sugar dating seriously, or they assume that sugar daddies and babies are unable to commit to a “real relationship.”

The truth is, of course, that sugar relationships are real relationships. No matter what kind of dynamic you’re interested in—platonic, mentorship, no strings attached, or something else—you’ll build a connection with the other person. Just like any other relationship, there may be elements of courtship, emotional or physical intimacy, compromise, care, and trust. And this is true for both short-term and long-term sugar relationships. All in all, those are all real components of a relationship in our book!

Myth #5: Sugar dating is for people who are emotionally immature

Some sugar dating myths make those in the bowl roll their eyes, and this is one of them. Because, while society may consider sugar babies or daddies to be emotionally immature, the truth is very different! In fact, it takes a great deal of emotional maturity to make a sugar relationship work. And here’s why:

  • You have to be self-aware. Setting up a sugar daddy profile makes you think about what you’re looking for in a partner and what you’re able to provide. Without this crucial step, you’ll have a hard time finding a sugar daddy arrangement that works for you.
  • You have to consider the desires of the other. Contrary to popular belief, both partners in an arrangement are always aware and considerate of the needs of the other. That’s because early on in a sugar arrangement, there’s a clear conversation about expectations and desires. This can be intimidating for anyone who isn’t used to being so open and honest. It takes emotional maturity to become comfortable with it!
  • You may need to confront your own insecurities. There are some aspects of mutual arrangements that can be difficult for people who haven’t overcome their own insecurities. These types of relationships, for instance, sometimes require you to accept that your partner may be seeing other people. It’s also important to give your partner space for them to maintain their independence. So, as you can see, someone with emotional immaturity wouldn’t be well-suited to this type of relationship.
  • You have to have strong boundaries. All relationships require some compromise. But with a sugar daddy arrangement, compromises are explicit. If you’re not happy with the terms of the arrangement, you have to have the emotional maturity to speak up for yourself.

These are just some of the ways that sugar partners debunk the myth that they’re emotionally immature. The more people you meet in this dating pool, the more you’ll see just how incorrect the assumption is.

Myth #6: Sugar babies can’t get a real job

If you’ve picked up on some of the personality traits needed to be a good SB, you can see why this is another one of the sugar dating myths that doesn’t hold water. In reality, sugar babies tend to be independent, driven people who are drawn to this lifestyle for a variety of reasons. Some are looking for a fun way to explore the city during their free time. Others are interested in boosting their career by learning from their sugar daddy and meeting successful people.

No matter the case, it’s very common to meet sugar babies who are actively making their lives and their careers better through the world of sugaring. So it’s no surprise that they tend to do well in whatever business venture they choose.

Myth #7: Sugar dating is dangerous


The idea that sugar dating is dangerous is one that we should consider carefully. At the end of the day, there’s no way to guarantee that everyone you meet on or off the internet will have the best intentions. And this is the case not just for sugar dating, but for any kind of dating style.

But, is sugar dating inherently more dangerous than other forms of relationship-building? We say no. And here’s why:

  • There are safe sugar dating sites you can rely on. One of the reasons this myth has become so widespread is because of sugar daddy scams. This is when fake sugar daddies prey on people by contacting them on social media apps. Luckily, these types of scams can be avoided when you use a trusted sugar dating site that vets its users.
  • You can keep yourself safe with some simple practices. Common sense practices like not sharing your home address, meeting in a public place, and checking in with a friend are all ways to keep yourself safe with any style of dating. And, you may find it even easier to put these habits into practice in the world of sugar dating. Why? Because people in this dating pool tend to understand and respect the need for safety and privacy. They’re not going to be offended or put off by your desire to stay safe!
  • If one sugar daddy doesn’t work out, you don’t have to feel guilty about moving on. In traditional relationships, break-ups can be hard and messy. But ending a relationship doesn’t have to be quite so emotional. That means that you may find it easier to end a sugar relationship that doesn’t feel quite right than it might be with someone you’re emotionally invested in.

As we mentioned, safety in sugar dating is an important topic! But you don’t have to buy into the myth that this form of dating is any more dangerous than other online interactions.

Myth #8: The sugar daddy has all the power

You might notice that many people refer to sugaring as reciprocal relationships instead of sugar daddy relationships. And that’s because it highlights the power balance perfectly!

In a sugar relationship, both parties have something to gain and something to offer by engaging with each other. As long as everyone is clear about their boundaries and dedicated to upholding their end of the agreement, no one should ever feel like they have the upper hand. It’s part of what makes this style of dating appealing for everyone, no matter what your role in the relationship is!

There are plenty of sugar dating myths, but you just have to experience sugaring for yourself!

The more time you spend getting to know real sugar partners, the easier it will be to separate the myths from the truth. So, don’t let the rumors scare you off! Start chatting with potential dates so that you can put the sugar dating myths to bed for yourself.

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