Do Millionaires Use Tinder?


Last Updated: March 13, 2024

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Many of us look towards Tinder in our search for a good time, the love of our lives, or even platonic friendships. But you may be asking yourself: do millionaires use Tinder, too?

The answer, as it turns out, is more complicated than you might expect. Before you get back to swiping, take a look at some of the reasons why millionaires use or avoid Tinder.

Is there a rich person version of Tinder?

Around 2017, rumors started to appear about a secret version of Tinder designed specifically for the ultra-wealthy. And, that does appear to be true, although Tinder didn’t go public with that fact until 2023.

This version of the app is called Tinder Select, and it has a monthly membership fee of $499. This membership tier comes with special privileges, such as being able to chat with members before matching and enjoying better reach and exposure on the app. If someone with Tinder Select likes you, you’ll be able to see their picture even if you don’t pay for a special membership.

Of course, Tinder hasn’t publicly stated that this version of the dating app is exclusively for wealthy people. There’s no income verification involved, though there are a few requirements for passing the Select bar. In other words, you have to be approved to be able to enjoy the exclusive benefits of Tinder Select. Some of these requirements include a full bio, stated interests, and at least one verified photo. Tinder Select users must also explain a bit about their preferred relationship style.

If you don’t have Tinder Select, what are your chances of finding millionaires on Tinder?

So, yes, there is a version of Tinder that caters to wealthy folks, but it’s important to point out that members of Tinder Select aren’t using a completely separate app. They may find themselves interacting with people on the app who don’t have Tinder Select. And, they can even choose to hide their Select status as they swipe to avoid people matching with them based on their wealth. So it is technically possible that you’ll come across millionaires while you swipe.

All of that being said, though, we know that Tinder relies on complex algorithms to match individuals based on interests, backgrounds, and other relevant characteristics. So, it wouldn’t be surprising that the rich users would be effectively separated from the general population. And, because millionaires make up a much smaller proportion of the user base than non-millionaires, your chances of interacting with one on Tinder are not great.

Are there other dating apps for millionaires?


Tinder is one of the most recognized dating apps on the market, but it’s not the only one catering to a wealthier crowd. In fact, a few exclusive apps existed long before Tinder Select, such as Luxy, Raya, and the League.

What are millionaires using to date if not dating apps?

No matter the income level, most of us singles are searching for love. So, how do millionaires find matches if not on Tinder? Here are a few alternatives that the ultra-wealthy rely on for match-making:

  • Their social networks. Most millionaires are pretty well-connected, so they don’t actually need an app to be introduced to new people. They may find their next partner at an exclusive party, through friends of friends, or at work.
  • In person. Millionaires who travel a lot are constantly in contact with new people who could become new romantic partners. Many of them know they have a lot to offer, and are confident about making conversation with strangers.
  • Sugar daddy websites. There are plenty of millionaires who would rather pursue a sugar relationship than be on dating apps. Sugaring allows them to maintain their current lifestyle and set expectations and boundaries that may not go over well in a traditional relationship.

Are there millionaires on Tinder who are just looking for some normalcy?

If you’ve ever spent time with a millionaire, you probably know that their lives tend to be pretty demanding and stressful. Dating can also take a toll if they feel that they’re being used for their money or status.

So, are there millionaires on Tinder who hide their wealth as a way to get the “normal dating experience?” Sure! You might date someone for a while before realizing that they’re much better off than they revealed at the beginning! Or, alternatively, these people might just string you along for the fantasy of dating a “normie” as an escape from their daily life.

Because there are so many Tinder users, these scenarios are possible. But they’re not common. So, if you want to actually start dating millionaires, it’s best to take a more proactive approach than hoping you’ll match with one by chance.

A few tips on finding millionaires


Don’t let the high price of Tinder Select get you down. You can still find wealthy people either on Tinder or elsewhere with these simple tips:

  • Be strategic on Tinder. If you are interested in using Tinder as a way to match with wealthy people, there are a few tricks you can use. For one, set your age range to an older demographic, as they’ll be more likely to have a stable income. And, set your location search for zip codes that you know are home to some of the richest people in your city.
  • Use the right language on your Tinder profile. As we mentioned, Tinder uses an algorithm to bring like-minded profiles together. So, use that to your advantage! Talk about your love for luxury travel, high-quality clothing, gourmet food, and more.
  • Don’t waste any time on the wrong matches. Because there are fewer millionaires than regular folks on Tinder, you’ll need to get really good at weeding out those who don’t make the cut. With practice and experience, you’ll get more comfortable asking the right questions that will let you know whether you’re talking to a millionaire.
  • Rethink your idea of wealth. In this article, we’ve talked about millionaires on Tinder. But the truth is, that’s something of an arbitrary title. Most people would actually be happy with a lower yearly income if that person is generous, makes good investments, and enjoys a higher quality of life than the average person. In other words, don’t write someone off if they make six figures, because they may still be able to pamper you just as well if not better than a millionaire.
  • Opt for sugaring. As we said, sugaring is an appealing alternative to Tinder for many millionaires. And it could be a good option for you too! You’ll have much better luck finding a wealthy match than on a traditional dating app. And, bonus tip: your sugar daddy might even pay for your Tinder Select profile.

Are you ready to find your millionaire on Tinder?

Or will your search take you elsewhere? In this article, we’ve shown that it is possible to find millionaires on Tinder, but it might not be the easiest route. So, will you keep trying your luck? Or try something else?

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