How to Get a Sugar Daddy That Only Wants to Talk


Last Updated: April 9, 2024

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There are many reasons to be interested in how to get a sugar daddy who only wants to talk. Maybe you live in a part of the country where there aren’t many sugar daddies so you need a virtual relationship. Perhaps you’re getting started in your career and are looking for a mentor who can give you advice and guidance. Or maybe, you’re interested in being your sugar daddy’s shoulder to cry on because your strength is your ability to listen.

No matter the reason, there are sugar daddies out there who are looking for someone just like you. In this article, we’ll talk about how to achieve this kind of relationship and tips for making it last.

Types of conversation-only sugar relationships


There are actually a few different styles of sugar dating that prioritize conversation over physical contact relationships, including:

  • Mentorship. Many sugar daddies are interested in filling a mentorship role for their partners. This allows them to share their knowledge with someone who might be entering the same field. And they may even see this as an opportunity to help shape the next generation of professionals. Unlike a strictly professional mentor that you might find through an internship or more formal avenues, a sugar daddy mentor has a few characteristics of a more informal relationship. You may, for instance, have your brainstorming sessions over a nice meal or with a glass of wine. And, you may be invited to your sugar daddy’s social or professional events as a date.
  • Platonic dating. Platonic dating is popular with sugar daddies who want all the thrill and excitement of the early days of dating without the physical component. They find satisfaction from spending time with someone young and full of life, but have no intentions of taking things further, perhaps because they’re married, or because they’ve reached a stage in life when conversation is more important to them than physical intimacy.
  • Long-distance dating. Nowadays, sugar dating is available to anyone with an internet connection, no matter where in the world they live! A sugar daddy may want someone to talk to while they travel constantly for work. Or, they may not have access to a sugar baby in their small town. Either way, they enjoy the company of a virtual partner.
  • Confidante dating. A lot of people can’t understand why a sugar daddy would want a relationship without a physical component. But, those people underestimate the power of having a listening ear! Someone who is going through a hard time or needs to talk through stress in their personal life may be more willing to open up to a sugar baby than a therapist. They don’t necessarily need advice, they just need someone who will listen to them and validate their experience.

As you can see, the relationship doesn’t have to revolve around or even include a physical component in order to be beneficial to a sugar daddy.

Requirements of conversation-based sugar relationships

If you’re learning how to get a sugar daddy who only wants to talk because you think it will be the easy option, we have some bad news for you. In reality, this kind of relationship requires a level of effort, planning, and patience that makes it unsuitable for many sugar babies. Take a look at the following common requirements that you may have to fulfill as a conversation-only partner:

  • Availability. You’ll have to make time to maintain a relationship with your sugar daddy that provides them with the level of attention they’re looking for. A few texts a day when you’re free is probably not going to be enough to keep a partner satisfied. Instead, you may have to carve out a few hours daily or every few days to respond to messages or have phone or video calls. Your sugar daddy may also want to have in-person conversations over dinner, coffee, or during a walk in the park so you’ll need to arrange your schedule accordingly.
  • Focus. When you’re chatting with your sugar daddy, they need to have your full attention. This is true even if they’ve told you the same thing multiple times or your dog is doing something adorable off-screen. Your sugar daddy will probably have some patience if distractions come up every once in a while, but your main priority should always be focusing on them.
  • Investment. Your sugar daddy doesn’t want to talk to a brick wall. They want to talk to someone who is engaged and invested in what they have to say. You’ll need to show empathy, interest, and understanding so that they feel heard and valued.
  • Attention to detail. Another important part of making a sugar daddy feel heard is remembering details. Ask them how that specific work meeting went or whether they got around to repotting the plants over the weekend. These serve as small reminders that you’re really listening.
  • Flirty conversation. Even though a sugar daddy may not be interested in physical connection, that doesn’t mean that flirting is necessarily off-limits. You may find a partner who wants to receive compliments and even have a steamy back-and-forth when the mood strikes. This might even include selfies or videos. Depending on the kind of relationship you’ve agreed to, you can choose to engage or keep looking for a sugar daddy who isn’t looking to flirt.
  • Differences of opinion. Finally, something that every sugar baby has to be ready for in this type of relationship is a partner with opposing views. Your sugar daddy may express some opinions that are contradictory to yours or even offensive. Exactly how much you’re willing to tolerate is entirely up to you. But, don’t expect that every sugar daddy you meet is going to have the same views as you.

How to set up your online profile


Now that you know a little bit more about the kinds of sugar relationships that revolve around conversation and what they require, it’s time to start your search! The best way to find your sugar daddy is online, so here’s how you can get started:

  • Choose an inviting picture. Since the basis of your relationship is going to be an emotional connection, it’s even more important that your profile picture conveys authenticity. You want to take a picture of yourself when you’re relaxed, wearing nice but not overly revealing clothing, and smiling genuinely.
  • Make your first impression in your bio. This is where you’re going to want to convey your personality as a good listener, attentive, empathic, and any other characteristic that you think will make you a good candidate for a conversation-only sugar relationship.
  • Make it clear what you’re willing to bring to the table. You can avoid wasting time by clearly stating in your profile bio that you’re looking for a conversation-based or virtual sugar relationship.
  • Pepper in some relevant words. Hashtags aren’t common on sugar dating sites, but think about ones that would relate to your profile. Maybe something like “long distance,” “non-physical” and “flirty conversation” would apply to you. These are your keywords, and they’ll help clarify what you’re looking for and what you can offer. Make sure to add these keywords in your tagline and bio so that they stick out.

How to get a sugar daddy that only wants to talk to open up to you

Once you’ve set up your profile, it will be time to start talking to potential partners. Here are a few ways that you can start building the kind of conversation-focused relationship you want:

  • Establish trust. No sugar daddy is going to instantly feel connected to you, and that’s okay. You’ll need to spend time using small talk to start feeling more comfortable with one another. In fact, breezing through the early getting-to-know-you stage will be off-putting and may make a sugar daddy question your intentions.
  • Ask probing questions (respectfully). You don’t want your relationship to live in the small talk phase forever, so eventually, you’ll need to start asking deeper questions. If they tell you they like dogs, for instance, you might ask if they had a dog growing up. If they tell you work is stressful, you might ask what about their job is the hardest to deal with. Of course, knowing which questions are appropriate and which are off-limits may take some trial and error. You might try prefacing your questions with a phrase like, “You don’t have to answer this if it’s too personal but…” so that they don’t feel pressured to respond.
  • Ask how they want you to respond. Sometimes, people share personal stories, opinions, and emotions because they want advice. Other times, they just want someone to listen. Don’t feel awkward about clarifying what they want by saying something like, “I’m here if you want to vent. Or are you looking for a different perspective?”
  • Respect off-limits topics. If your sugar daddy has stated that they don’t want to talk about a certain topic, be it their personal life, their job, or anything else, respect that boundary. Don’t bring it up again in the future unless they do.
  • Don’t feel like you have to be serious all the time. Even though the goal is to connect on a deeper level than small talk, don’t feel like every conversation has to be heavy and serious. In fact, a good conversation naturally swings from serious to playful. So, don’t forget to lighten the mood every once in a while.

Other tips for making things last

At this point, you’ve found your sugar daddy who only wants to talk, and you’ve started laying the foundation for open and fulfilling conversation. Here are a few more pieces of advice for making things work:

  • Boundaries. It’s normal that someone who is opening up to you may want you to become vulnerable in turn. But as the sugar baby, you get to set the boundaries that make you feel safe and comfortable. You might not, for instance, want to share certain parts of your life or be available for a conversation 24/7. Be honest with your sugar daddy about what kind of structure you need from the relationship.
  • Emotional connection. Conversation-based relationships have the potential to become emotionally meaningful to one or both partners. We’re all human, after all. And they can even become romantic if both partners share feelings of deep emotional intimacy. That being said, you or your partner may want to avoid “catching feelings.” So, what are you going to do if this happens? How will you let your partner know that you’re falling for them? Or how will you take steps to end things or create distance if you can see them getting too emotionally invested?
  • Make sure that your time is being valued. Don’t fall into the trap, either in your own thinking or when negotiating with your sugar daddy, that conversation isn’t something of value. Holding space for your sugar daddy to vent, brainstorm, and have an emotional bond is something that should be reciprocated appropriately.
  • Notice if you’re feeling emotionally burned out. Some forms of conversation-based sugaring, such as the confidante style, can become overwhelming. Your sugar daddy may have a lot of negative emotions and stories to unload on you. And if you’re not careful, that can make you start to feel down even when you’re not with them. If you feel like your anxiety, stress levels, or general mood has gotten worse since you started seeing your sugar daddy, you might be experiencing emotional burnout.
  • Know when it’s time to walk away. In certain circumstances, it will be in your best interest to end a conversation-based sugar relationship. This might be because the conversation is making you uncomfortable or demanding too much of you emotionally. Or, maybe you just want a change and feel that the relationship has run its course. No matter the reasoning, don’t put off ending things. After all, it’s better to free up your sugar daddy so that they can find someone to better suit their needs.

Are you feeling ready to try a conversation-based sugar relationship?

Now that you know more about the pros and potential cons of this style of sugaring, how are you feeling about trying it out for yourself? It’s time to move beyond searching how to get a sugar daddy who only wants to talk and decide for yourself whether you’re ready to get started!

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