The 7 Types of Sugar Daddies You'll Meet Online


Last Updated: February 15, 2024

Sugar Baby

When it comes to sugar daddy types, there’s something for everyone. But how can you know what personality type is right for you? In this article, we’re going to break down the common categories that you’re likely to bump into in the bowl. Once you’ve had a few dates with one of these 7 potential partners, you’ll have a better idea of who your ideal sugar daddy is!

1: The Always Busy Daddy

In general, sugar dating is appealing to people who have busy lives. But the life of a busy bee daddy is as whirlwind as it gets! This partner may be more interested in NSA (no strings attached) or FWB (friends with benefits) relationships. That way, they can experience the parts of dating they enjoy without investing too much emotional energy. These partners tend to be exciting and fun-loving. When you’re lucky enough to find a time that works for them, they’re sure to treat you to an unforgettable date.

Don’t be offended if the Busy Bee doesn’t have time for chatting between meetings or occasionally reschedules your dates for work stuff. It comes with the territory!

Ideal for: sugar babies who are also busy or dating multiple partners.

2: The World Traveler

Similar to the Always Busy Daddy, the World Traveler is often on the go. Whether they have business all over the world or simply like the adventure of travel, their many passport stamps reveal their jet-setter lifestyle.

There are a couple of different ways that you can get to know a World Traveler. On the one hand, maybe you live in a place where a lot of sugar daddies come for work or play. This can be ideal if you’re interested in meeting many different potential partners instead of committing to a sugar LTR (long-term relationship.)

Or, maybe you’re something of a traveler yourself! With a World Traveler sugar daddy at your side, you’ll be flying first class to all of the destinations on your bucket list.

Ideal for: sugar babies who are interested in occasional dates, sugar babies who also want to travel

3: The Salt Daddy (Beware!)


Not all of the sugar daddy types you’ll meet are worth your time. And unfortunately, salt daddies fall into the scammer category.

Salt Daddies appear to have a lot of wealth, but aren’t willing to share the sugar with their partners. Perhaps they have a bit of a stingy streak or they simply don’t have the resources that they claim. Either way, sugar babies should steer clear of potential partners who show indications of being more salty than sweet.

Ideal for: No one! Sugar babies should avoid this type of partner.

4: The Mentor

Most of the people you’ll meet in the bowl have something valuable to teach you. And the Mentor is the epitome of helpful and wise. This is a type of sugar partner who wants to give you a boost in life by providing you with helpful advice or opportunities. It’s likely that you’ll be invited to galas and social engagements where you’ll brush shoulders with influential people.

If you feel that a potential partner falls into this category, don’t let the opportunity pass you by! Talk about your interests and goals for the future. Your sugar daddy will be enthusiastic about helping you achieve your dreams.

Ideal for: Ambitious sugar babies who would appreciate learning from someone successful

5: The Flashy Daddy

For some, the best thing about sugaring is living out your most luxurious fantasies. We’re talking about day parties on the yacht, backstage concert tickets, red-carpet events, and all the latest fashion. If this sounds amazing to you, you’re going to love a Flashy Daddy. This is a sugar partner who isn’t just flush with cash, but also willing to spend it as fast as they can.

Unlike sugar daddies who may come from generational wealth, the Flashy Daddy is more likely to come from new money. Maybe they made their millions on the stock market or by creating a tech start-up. Either way, they’re not phased by social norms and traditional values. Instead, they’re ready to have a good time with a fun-loving date on their arm.

Ideal for: Sugar babies who don’t mind being in the limelight, sugar babies who want an exhilarating lifestyle of luxury.

6: The Down-and-Out Daddy

Before you scroll right past this one, hold on a minute! You might find that this is the ideal sugar daddy for you. That’s because the Down-and-Out Daddy is a partner who could use a little extra emotional support. Maybe they’ve gone through a recent heartbreak or are feeling stressed at work. What they need is someone to bring the spark back into their life.

If you can fit the bill, a Down-and-Out Daddy will be extremely loyal and generous to you. They may also be more open to a platonic relationship, since they’re interested in companionship and support. If you’re a naturally empathic and kind person, this could be your perfect arrangement.

Ideal for: Sugar babies who are great at listening and providing emotional support, sugar babies looking for a platonic arrangement.

7: The Whale

Ahh, the elusive Whale. This is the partner that every sugar baby dreams of. They’re wealthy beyond belief, and more importantly, always willing to go the extra mile for their partner. A Whale Daddy is interested in a long-term relationship, providing some much-appreciated stability and reliability. They may even be so dedicated to pampering their sugar babies that they make arrangements for them in their will.

In short, a sugar baby who finds a Whale will never want anything in life. We’re talking private jets, parties with celebrities, the whole nine yards. But, as you’ve probably guessed, there aren’t that many of them out there. As part of the elite, they’re never in the market for a sugar baby for long. If you do manage to find one, count your lucky stars. You’re in for quite the adventure.

Ideal for: Sugar babies who are able to dedicate extra time to their sugar daddy, and sugar babies looking for a long-term arrangement.

How to attract the sugar daddy types that you want


Now that you know what kind of sugar daddies you’re likely to find online, which one is most appealing to you? At the end of the day, every sugar baby has their own preferences and lifestyles. So, as long as you don’t end up with a salt daddy, there’s no one type of partner who is better than any other. It all comes down to who you want to date.

In order to attract your ideal partner, consider these tips:

  • Make your online profile clear. No matter if you’re looking for a travel partner, mentor, or platonic sugar daddy, your profile should reflect that. You can use key phrases, such as “willing to travel” or “long-term relationship” to make yourself stand out in a sugar daddy’s search. And, as always, the more effort you put into your profile, the more likely you’ll be to attract higher-income sugar daddies, or even Whales.
  • Get better at distinguishing between different sugar daddy types. The more time you spend chatting with potential partners and going to meet and greets, you’ll become a better judge of character. This will prevent you from wasting time on a sugar daddy type that isn’t right for you. If you’re not interested in a Flashy Daddy, for instance, you’ll be able to take note of their habits on your first date. They might arrive in an attention-grabbing car and make a big show about ordering the best wine. If you’re looking for someone more low-key, you can consider these habits red flags for you.
  • Make room for the kind of partner you deserve. Especially when you’re starting out, it can be difficult to say no to an arrangement, even if you’re not fully invested in your sugar daddy. But, it’s the only way to make space in your life for your ideal partner. So, get specific about what kind of relationship you want and go after it! You’ll be glad you didn’t settle.
  • When you do find your perfect match, put in the work to keep them interested. It can take some effort to wade through the wrong sugar daddy types and finally find the right one. So, when you do, don’t let them slip away! Be confident, friendly, and open so that you go beyond simply catching their eye. You want to make them interested enough for another date, and then another, and then another. So, stay engaged, be curious about them, and most importantly, have fun.

You’re ready to find your match!

By taking the time to learn about different kinds of people in the sugaring world, you’re in a much better position to find your ideal match. So, think about what kinds of sugar daddy types pique your interest, and then start chatting! Putting yourself out there is the only way to start your search for your perfect partner.

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