The Top 10 Influencer Sugar Babies to Follow


Last Updated: February 16, 2024

Sugar Baby

If you’re looking for inspiration for your sugaring lifestyle, why not follow a few sugar baby influencers? These fun internet personalities won’t only keep you entertained. They’ll also share their advice and experiences on how to make the most out of relationships.

After learning more about these famous sugar babies, you might just be motivated to become an online personality yourself!

Nikita Gonzalez

With over 30k followers on TikTok, Nikita Gonzalez is not shy about sharing the perks of her lavish lifestyle. Her glamorous videos often feature captions about how generous her sugar daddy is along with snapshots of jewelry, vacations, and designer bags. And, she’s cleverly used her millions of views to promote her own beauty company in the process.

As it turns out, Nikita’s arrangement culminated in something she’s been really excited about: motherhood! As she conveys in her latest TikToks, the pregnancy has given this sugar baby a chance to “secure the bag,” and continue her long term relationship with her wealthy partner.

If you want to keep up with the next phase of Nikita’s sugar journey, you can find her on TikTok and Instagram at @nikitagonzalez_

Kate Szepanowski

Health and beauty influencer Kate Szepanowski is no stranger to the spotlight. The Australian Instagram celebrity has made headlines for her controversial statements, attention-grabbing attire, and now, the bombshell reveal that her luxurious lifestyle is sponsored by a sugar daddy.

The news came out when Kate was stopped by a police officer with a suspiciously large wad of cash. She explained that the money was a generous gift from her sugar daddy. If her recent posts are any indication, her occasional entanglements with the law haven’t stopped her from living her best life on the Gold Coast.

To follow Kate, see dreamy beach pictures, and hopefully, someday learn more about her mysterious sugar baby life, you can find her on Instagram at @kateszepanowski.

Mia Dio

Mia Dio isn’t just here to be pretty, rich, and shockingly funny. She’s also here to change the way the world sees sugar babies. This spitfire advocate for the sugaring lifestyle empowers her 446k Instagram followers to be unapologetic about their ambitions. And with posts in Miami, Los Angeles, Colombia, and Bali, Mia seems to be enjoying the sugaring lifestyle to the fullest.

While Mia often showcases her believable Russian accent in many of her videos, she was born and raised in Miami (one of the best cities for sugar dating, by the way) by Argentinean and Brazilian parents. She even showed off her amazing Spanish by appearing on the Univision show Nuestra Belleza Latina.

For laughs, pep talks, and fashion inspo, you can follow Mia on Instagram at @miiadio or on Tiktok at @miadio.

Amanda Drago (a.k.a. Countess Lydia Dupra, a.k.a The Heaux Mentor)

We love a sugar baby whose life goal is to support and encourage other sugar babies, and that’s exactly what Amanda Drago is all about. With her many years of experience in the community, she’s thought long and hard about what it takes to be successful. And, she’s decided to share what she’s learned with other sugar babies. On the one hand, her app and YouTube channel offer advice, support, and social connection for people in the bowl. And on the other hand, she’s got a cosmetics line that is meant to withstand all the excitement and adventure of the sugaring lifestyle.

One of the reasons why Amanda has gained such a loyal following over the years (over 40k subscribers on YouTube, 84k followers on Instagram, and 886k followers on TikTok) is that she’s not afraid to show all sides of the sugaring experience. In a now-famous post about her late sugar daddy, Amanda gets real about the highs and lows of having a relationship.

Kamanda Ngu (Kuwcoco)

In terms of the most famous sugar babies, Kamanda Ngu is something of an up-and-comer. She doesn’t have the ultra-high follower count of some of the other influencers on our list. But if you’re looking for regular updates, tips, and inspo from a real sugar baby, you’ll love Kamanda. She’ll tell you exactly where to find sugar daddies, what to wear for your first date, and how to enjoy the lifestyle to the fullest.

Keep Kamanda on your radar because she’s certainly gaining attention for her quality content! You can find her on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok at @kuwcoco_

Tana Mongeau (Well, kind of)

Tana Mongeau is a famous influencer in her own right. But could it be that she’s also a sugar baby?

Well, kind of. The Las Vegas-born YouTuber was already quite famous when she decided to explore the world of sugaring. And, in a video that garnered over 4 million views, she recounted her experience. In the special “storytime” video, Tana talks about meeting her mystery man on SeekingArrangement and then being treated to one unforgettable night with some unbelievable celebrity cameos.

Even though she had a chance to be the sugar baby to someone with a net worth of over $18 million, ultimately Tana decided that the sugar life wasn’t for her. Still, she continues to be a popular influencer with tips on makeup, fashion, and how to have fun while living the life of luxury.

If you’re not already one of her 5.4 million YouTube subscribers, 5.7 million IG followers, or 7.4 million TikTok followers, you can find her at @tanamongeau or @tanamongeaulol.

Jacob Willis

When it comes to sugar baby influencers to watch closely, Jacob Willis definitely deserves a spot on the list. His YouTube vlog is packed with helpful information and tips on finding the right sugar daddy and gaining confidence as a sugar baby. With videos titled, “Sugar Baby Boundaries,” and “How to Recognize a Sugar Daddy Scam,” you can be sure that he’s got your best interests in mind. It’s like getting a pep-talk from a close friend that will motivate you to elevate your lifestyle. What’s not to love?

To start following Jacob Willis, you can find his YouTube channel at GrindingJacobsGears or on Instagram at @jacobwillisofficial.

Cluam Sutherland

Cluam may no longer be a practicing sugar baby, but she certainly paved the way for sugar baby influencers. Back in 2019, the Australian YoutTube star was regularly posting videos about her life with three generous sugar daddies. These mystery men treated her to luxury apartments, an expensive wardrobe, and gender-affirming surgery. At the peak of her fame, Claum was even interviewed on 60 Minutes Australia to talk about her life in the sugar dating spotlight.

When Claum left social media in 2020, she broke the hearts of many adoring fans. But we have to thank her for the positive contribution to the sugar baby world and the many laughs her videos gave us. We say it’s worth giving her a follow and hoping that she comes back to her influencer life soon!

Ava Louise

Ava Louise is famous for two things: licking a toilet seat and finding her own dad on a sugar daddy site.

Okay, okay, let us explain. Ava Louise is actually famous for making viral videos that are wild, controversial, and sometimes just plain weird. Her toilet-licking stunt, for instance, was part of a coronavirus-related campaign intended to gain new followers. In it, she appears to lick the toilet seat of a commercial airplane to show that she’s not afraid of the virus. Later, though, she admitted that the stunt actually took place in her sugar daddy’s private plane. She also claims that she thoroughly cleaned the seat beforehand.

In her other jaw-dropping video, Ava Louise films herself finding out that her own father is on the same sugar daddy website that she uses herself. No one is really sure if this one is real or not.

No matter how fabricated her videos are, one thing is for sure: Ava Louise is one of the most famous sugar babies on social media. Her Instagram (@avalouiise) has 422k followers, and she regularly makes headlines for her latest scandal, whether it be starting rumors about other celebrities or dating the dad of her enemy, Addison Rae.


This YouTuber is all about three things: finesse, sugaring, and hypergamy. And she’s got all the tips to help you make the most out of your own sugar relationships. With titles like, “The Secret Formula to Becoming a Million Dollar Sugar Baby” and “How to Find a Generous Man in 2022,” it’s no wonder that this charismatic star has 132k subscribers on YouTube. As a way to help empower and boost other sugar babies, she also offers a Patreon subscription with special features and support.

Which sugar baby influencers inspire you?


One of the wonderful things about the recent rise in internet-famous sugar babies is that we get to learn from the experience of others in the bowl! Which of these sugar baby influencers has inspired you?

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