Top 10 US Sugar Baby Colleges: Popular Schools Unveiled


Last Updated: April 30, 2024

Sugar Baby

Which universities in the US have earned the reputation for being the most popular sugar baby colleges? We’ve got the top ten list you’ve been searching for!

Let’s take a look at some well-known schools whose students are most likely to pursue sugar daddy relationships.

1. University of Nevada, Las Vegas


UNLV is a public university of over 30,000 students right in the heart of one of the flashiest cities in the world. So, it’s no wonder that this campus would be the perfect environment for sugar dating. College sugar babies who go to UNLV are able to get their degrees while being treated to exciting shows, a gourmet dining scene, and much more. And, because Las Vegas attracts wealth from all over the globe, sugar babies here have their choice of long-term arrangements with the local elite or short-term meet-ups with wealthy tourists.

2. University of Southern California


USC is located right in the heart of Los Angeles, one of the most popular sugar dating destinations in the country. And as a competitive private university with an acceptance rate of only 12.5%, the students who go here are smart, driven, and well-connected in their own right. Still, if you’re going to go to one of the most expensive universities in California, it helps to be surrounded by generous, eligible sugar daddies.

The sugar babies in this community tend to look right at home on the arms of their high-powered Hollywood daddies. They may be students now, but you can bet most of them will become household names in a few years.

3. University of California, Los Angeles

UCLA isn’t too far from USC, but in terms of the student body, they’re worlds apart. Because UCLA is a public institution, you can expect the college sugar babies here to be a bit more salt-of-the-earth. That’s why the students who go to UCLA appeal to a different kind of sugar daddy. They’ll be just as happy to go to an unknown art gallery opening with you as they would be as your plus one to an exclusive celebrity party.

4. New York University


NYU is the university for anyone with aspirations to be an actor, musician, model, filmmaker, artist, or part of the fashion industry. Careers, you’ll notice, require as much talent as a social connection to get your foot in the door. This competitive private university also happens to be located in one of the most expensive cities in the United States. For these reasons, and perhaps also because of NYC’s reputation for a live-and-let-live attitude, sugar dating is quite common.

5. University of North Texas

The University of North Texas is a beautiful campus located outside of Dallas. It has a student population of 40,000 and is one of the most active communities of student sugar babies.

UNT has an active Greek life and friendly student body, but many people who are enrolled there complain that it doesn’t have as much of a party-vibe as other Texas campuses. In terms of sugaring, though, that’s actually ideal! You’ll easily be able to find sugar babies who are looking to liven things up by arranging a quick trip into the city.

6. University of Georgia

If you want to enjoy some southern hospitality, this is one of the sugar baby colleges with some of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. The University of Georgia is located in Athens and has a student population of over 37,000. There’s a flourishing sorority and fraternity scene and an excellent football program that makes this school feel upbeat and inviting.

And because UGA is located just an hour and forty minutes away from Atlanta, it’s also a great place for sugar daddies in the capital looking for someone to date on the weekends.

7. University of Miami

Students are drawn to the University of Miami because of its excellent reputation, great student life, and of course, location. But, while Miami is the place to be, it’s not the cheapest city to be a student. And, with so much excitement and wealth in this part of Florida, many of the students want a slice of the high life. What’s more, the University of Miami has only 17,000 students, making it one of the smallest sugar baby colleges on our list. As a result, many of the students venture off-campus to date.

8. University of Massachusetts Amherst

You might have heard of this university’s clever nickname: ZooMass Slamherst. And that’s because this student body of just over 24,000 people knows how to party. But don’t get it wrong. UMass Amherst is filled with hard-working, intelligent students who are on their way to big things after they graduate.

One of the best things about this college is that it’s located only 2 hours outside of Boston. That means that you’ll easily find sugar babies who are willing to make the trip for a weekend of pampering and play.

9. University of Illinois-Chicago

UIC is one of the sugar baby colleges on our list that is located right in the middle of a bustling city. That means that sugar babies on this campus are always ready to join you for a luxurious date after a full day of classes. Chicago has a lower cost of living than some of the other cities on this list, so sugar babies who go to UIC may be more interested in benefits like fancy dinners and career connections than help with their living costs. And because this college has a reputation for having a lackluster social scene, sugar babies are excited for the chance to live it up with the top echelon of Chicago society.

10. Stanford University

Stanford University has all of the characteristics of a great sugar dating environment. Its students are whip-smart and ambitious. And the campus is situated equidistant from San Francisco and Silicon Valley. That means that sugar babies at this university have their pick of daddies who are able to give them a life of comfort and glamor.

In fact, this school has such a good reputation for sugaring that Hulu got into a bidding war in 2021 for the rights to a show about a sugar baby at Stanford University. The show never actually aired, but the buzz was enough to make this university campus even more of a hotspot for sugaring.

Are none of the popular sugar baby colleges close to you?

Don’t worry. While it may be convenient to live near one of the universities listed here, you can still find college babies to date. In fact, more and more young people are opting to do online programs as a way to save money and have more flexibility about where they live. Alternatively, there are many college students who are opting to have virtual sugar relationships. That means that you can find your perfect match no matter where you are in the country. Here are a few ways that you can meet a college sugar baby:

  • Sign up for a sugar dating website. Sugar babies who are college-aged don’t shy away from using sugar daddy websites. And these platforms will get you much faster results than other social media apps.
  • Tailor your bio to encourage college babies. Make it clear in your profile that you’re looking for university babies. You can also specify whether you would be open to a long-distance arrangement or if you might be willing to fund a trip for your college baby to come visit you.
  • Start chatting with potential partners. The only thing left to do is put yourself out there and start making connections! Don’t worry, sugar babies who are attending college will be so excited to start talking to potential partners. You’re both there for the same thing, so be genuine and have fun! Whether you find an online sugar baby or someone from one of these sugar baby colleges, you’re in for a thrilling experience!

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