Top Bars and Clubs to Meet Successful People in Los Angeles


Last Updated: January 16, 2024

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Increase your chances of meeting someone successful in Los Angeles by hitting up the best bars and clubs in the area! Here’s our list of can’t-miss establishments where you’re more likely to meet your SoCal sugar daddy!

Bars and Restaurants

Gallery Bar and Cognac Room

At the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Downtown LA

The Gallery Bar attracts anyone who wants to travel back in time to the luxury and glam of 1920s Los Angeles. The real challenge of finding a sugar daddy in a place like this is ungluing your gaze from the stunning architecture and interior design long enough to make eye contact with that wealthy stranger who wants to buy you a drink.

Make sure that you show up dressed the part. After all, this bar has been blessed by Hollywood royalty, from Clark Gable to Ginger Rogers.

The Roger Room

Unpretentious bar in West Hollywood

At first glance, the Roger Room may not look like a place where you’ll meet your future sugar daddy. But, there are a few characteristics that make this cocktail bar ideal for connecting with LA’s elite. For one thing, it’s dimly lit and unassuming, which is what many uber-wealthy folks crave after a long day of being in the spotlight. And, there’s a certain nostalgic 1970s charm that attracts a more mature audience than your flashier West Hollywood establishments. Finally, the Roger Room is known for their stellar cocktails.

One recommendation for finding your sugar daddy here? Make yourself visible in the low lighting. You’ll need to pull out all the stops if you’re going to grab attention alongside celebrities like Solange Knowles and Christina Aguilera.

The Cicada Club

In the Oviatt Building in Downtown Los Angeles

The Cicada Club is another ode to historical LA, with 1940s-style art deco design, cocktails, live music, and of course, swing dancing. It’s one of those classic SoCal establishments that’s all about fantasy—what better backdrop to meet a sugar daddy!

The Three Clubs

Cocktail lounge with burlesque shows in Hollywood

The Three Clubs is a highly-rated cocktail bar with DJs, live music, and can’t-miss burlesque shows. What we love about this place is that it feels totally underground while being far classier than a dive bar. If you’re looking to meet down-to-earth sugar daddies who know how to have a good time, you’re bound to meet them here.

Perch Bar

Rooftop bar in Downtown LA

There are plenty of rooftop bars in this part of town, but Perch is certainly on the higher end of the range. The food is French-inspired, the ambiance is upscale, and the views, well, you can’t beat ‘em. And, on the weekends, the place gets packed, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to chat up potential partners.

The Penthouse at Mastro’s

Upscale Steakhouse in Beverly Hills

The reopening of the Penthouse in Beverly Hills was one of the most anticipated relaunches of 2019. And in the years since, it’s only become more of an iconic place for the wealthy and well-connected of Beverly Hills to relax and unwind. The balcony dining area has stunning views of the neighborhood, and everything on the menu is a must-try.

Our recommendation would be to go on a night with live music, and dress as sophisticated as possible.



Elevate Lounge

Penthouse nightclub in Downtown Los Angeles

Aptly-named Elevate Lounge is on the 21st floor and features wall-to-wall sliding glass doors that overlook Downtown LA and Hollywood. It definitely has an upscale vibe, so make sure to style accordingly.

What we like about Elevate is that it’s a good mix of club, lounge, and rooftop bar. That means that you can choose your own adventure of dancing the night away, or cozying up to your crush with romantic views of the city. Unlike some other nightclubs, this hybrid layout attracts both young people and an older crowd.

Paris at Night

Nightclub in West Hollywood

Paris at Night is known for attracting some of the most beautiful socialites in Hollywood for a night of dancing, ambiance, and hookah. They’ve hit on just the right mix of good DJs and an inviting atmosphere to make themselves stand out amongst the many nightclubs in West Hollywood.

It can get a bit loud and crowded, so if you want to find your sugar daddy, you’ll have to be confident and bold about approaching anyone who catches your eye.

Le Jardin

Mediterranean-inspired club and lounge

If there’s one thing that LA knows how to do well, it’s an outdoor lounge. And Le Jardin is one of the best. It’s often rented out as a wedding venue or for private parties, but you can also go for a night of relaxed socializing on the patio. There’s usually some kind of live performance, whether it’s acrobatics or a fire show.

When you’re ready to do some dancing yourself, the indoor area features some of the best DJs in LA.

Tips for meeting sugar daddies in Los Angeles


LA is one of the best cities in the country to meet sugar daddies. But it’s not without some competition! Let’s face it, this is practically the center of the universe for beautiful, outgoing, fun-loving sugar babies. So, you’ll want to have a plan for finding the sugar daddy of your dreams. Here are a few ways to get started:

  • Go online. By far, the best way to meet sugar daddies in LA is to find them online first. That way, you won’t spend your weekends fighting the crowds and spending your own money (many of the bars and clubs on our list are pricey places!) Instead, set up a date with a sugar daddy and then let them give you the real lavish LA experience.
  • Never write off anyone. Being in LA means that you could brush shoulders with movie producers, up-and-coming actors, and casting directors every time you leave the house. So, whether you’re waiting in line outside of a nightclub or fighting your way to the bar for a drink, be nice to everyone and don’t miss your chance to network.
  • Hype yourself up, often. In LA, you’re going to be surrounded by pretty people all the time. But you know what’s going to set you apart? Confidence. Don’t be shy about approaching someone who looks like your next sugar daddy. Because for all you know, there were five other sugar babies who were too timid to take the chance.
  • Have fun. There’s no reason to brave the horrible traffic and competitive lifestyle of LA if you’re not enjoying yourself. So, become an expert at making the most of all the rooftop bars, outdoor lounges, and exclusive nightclubs that LA has to offer!

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