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Melbourne, Victoria

Cute; can get away with away anyway with this cheeks :)

Age 31

Next birthday in July

Sugar Baby

Looking for a 35-55 year old SugarDaddy

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Melbourne, Victoria

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I have a very vibrant personality I’m very outgoing - sometimes a too little over the top :) even through tough times as such I will put a smile on someone’s face . I’m caring - hence why I I suit my career / jog perfectly. I like to look after people I’m a giver I’m not a taker and I get validation from caring for others and making sure that they’re happy as well. I have a lot of spare time I’m always available always willing to be there wherever they need me, however due COVID is making

What I’m Looking For

Companionship / socialisation / support - friendship / online shopping / decorating / cleaning (literally find it therapeutic) / organising :) Well held conversation / intelligent and intriguing characters / personalities

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