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Western Australia, Perth

Now might be a good time?

Age 42

Next birthday in November

Sugar Daddy

Looking for a 25-40 year old SugarBaby

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Western Australia, Perth

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    Sugar Daddy

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    6' 1

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    Under $100K

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About me

I love to chat, chill and ch ch ch... Damn can't think of another word starting with ch...

I love to surf and read and stay busy... but I really enjoy chilling and relaxing and taking it easy.

I enjoy a good conversation and enjoy learning new things about people, life and broadly speaking... everything.

I love a good laugh and love just as much exploring new things and places.

What I’m Looking For

Mmmmm, someone to chill with and enjoy each other's time. I'd like to meet someone who loves to laugh and enjoys adventure as well as the simple things.

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    Sugar Baby

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